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Radio Stations

Apostle Radio is the Cornerstone of
Tucker Communications, promoting a 24/7 format with a blend of Gospel and A/C Christian Music, Sermons, Talk Shows and Advertising. 

Apostle Youth 
is a blend of Christian Rock and Praise & Worship for those listeners who enjoy a more uplifting beat.  

AIRtunZ Rock
is a blend of oldies, lite rock and classic rock. 

AIRtunZ Jazz 
is the sweet melody of all that is of the jazz era. 

AIRtunZ Country 
is the twang of the classics up thru the 90's. 

AIRtunZ Christmas 
is a blend of all time Christmas favorites playing
24/7 year round.

AIRtunZ Boomer 
is the blast from the past for all the Baby Boomers out there.

AIRtunZ Rock n Country
is the blend of oldies Rock and Country. 

Small Biz Radio
Geared for the Barter World of Itex and Small Businesses alike.

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Tucker Communications, one of the oldest online internet radio companies around to date.
Based out of Denton, Texas, it is owned by Sheila and Ed Tucker.

Having free streaming music stations on line to listen to, via your computer, smart phone, IPhone, IPad, Droid tablet, and now the Sync dash on new Fords.  Thanks to Tune In radio mobile apps, and the latest technology. 

We currently have 10 free streaming, internet only music, with the following genres:  

Apostle Radio
- Christian Contemporary music, with International sermons from

John Ankerberg
The Living Savior Ministries
The Briscoe’s
Locally and Nationally
Chip Ingram
Knights Quest Ministries
Grace and Truth Café & Internet Church, with John Munaretto and Ed Tucker.

Talk shows of various subjects, and more.
Apostle Youth Radio - Christian Rock and Hip Hop.
AIRtunZ Rock, Jazz, and Country.  Self explained. 

AIRtunZ Rock n Country - A Blend of oldies Rock/Country

AIRtunZ Boomer – Late 50’s and early 60’s music. 

We have an all Marching Band station, 
AIR Marching Bands.

As well as an all year long, 24/7 Christmas station –
AIRtunZ Christmas.  

We want to encourage all people to listen to music here, with one of our stations.  It is all free listening, no charge to click on and tune in. 

In our humble belief, we are better than Pandora and better than live 365, with our consistent online music radio player and with our content and huge variety of music streaming.  All you have to do is click on and listen.  No selection of music, no playlist here. 

All randomly placed music in a true FM radio format setup.  Only thing missing is news and local weather.  We don’t charge to listen; we are a business that sells our airtime on our stations, and banners on our websites. 

Commercials, sermons, talk shows; interviews are how we pay our way. 

Thank you for coming to our site.  Pick your music and enjoy.

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